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Euronet acquires Instreamline S.A. in Greece

October 11, 2005 at 12:00 AM EDT
Euronet acquires Instreamline S.A. in Greece

LEAWOOD, KANSAS-October 11, 2005-Euronet Worldwide's (Nasdaq: EEFT) Greece subsidiary, Euronet EFT Services Hellas EPE, today announced the recently completed acquisition of Instreamline S.A., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Piraeus Bank, the third largest private bank in Greece. Instreamline S.A. provides credit card and point-of-sale (POS) outsourcing services in addition to debit card and transaction gateway switching services to Piraeus Bank Group.

As part of Euronet's acquisition terms, Instreamline has signed an exclusive eight-year agreement with Piraeus Bank to provide credit card and POS outsourcing and other value-added services to the Bank in Greece and its affiliates in Albania, Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia. Euronet also acquired Instreamline's shared POS network in Greece and its related host-to-host connections to five prominent banks in that country. Additionally, Euronet will provide ATM outsourcing services for Piraeus Bank's ATMs in the Balkan region. Instreamline utilizes Euronet's integrated software suite to provide its enhanced credit card and POS outsourcing solution.

"Euronet's acquisition of Instreamline S.A. opens up exciting opportunities for us in the growing credit card and POS market. The rationale behind this move is straightforward- Euronet acquired a knowledgeable company providing Western European standard credit card and POS outsourcing services, which complements our current EFT outsourcing offering and enables us to gain a stronger foothold in Greece and the Balkan region with a leading multinational bank," said Daniel R. Henry, Euronet President and COO. "Furthermore, we plan to leverage the combined competencies of both entities across our existing customer base to provide greater value."

According to a Datamonitor report, between 1999-2003 the total European card market grew at an annual average rate of 11.2% and Greece was the fastest growing card market over the same period. Moreover, as discussed in a recent Wall Street Journal article, investments from Western banks into Central and Eastern Europe are fueling growth in credit card accounts and transactions. These macro-economic indicators illustrate the significant and expanding opportunities for Euronet in Central and Eastern Europe. The acquisition of Instreamline enables Euronet to more efficiently pursue these market opportunities by offering existing and prospective multinational banking clients in Greece and across Central and Eastern Europe a full suite of end-to-end outsourcing solutions.

"Having worked closely with Euronet for the past several years, Piraeus Bank recognizes that Euronet is familiar with the EFT outsourcing requirements and standards of a multinational bank. Our decision to sell Instreamline is based on this above factor and the fact that Piraeus Bank must continue to focus on its core business of banking while allowing an industry expert such as Euronet to manage its ATMs, POS and credit card systems," said Mr. Stavros Lekkakos, General Manager, Piraeus Bank. "We are confident that Euronet will manage Piraeus Bank Group's growing ATM and POS networks and credit card portfolio reliably so we can focus on growing our business both in Greece and throughout the region."

Euronet expects Instreamline S.A. in the initial year of acquisition to marginally contribute approximately $0.01 to $0.02 to its fully diluted earnings per share as it integrates the newly acquired business into the EFT Processing segment. This estimate is subject to refinement resulting from purchase price allocation and the related amortization, and it is based on current and projected financial performance of Instreamline S.A., as determined from un-audited seller provided financial information.

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