Euronet’s Commitment to Sustainability Through Responsible Environmental, Social and Governance Practices

  • Mike Brown

    I founded Euronet with a mission to bring financial payment inclusion to those who have not had it before. To this end, we’ve worked relentlessly since 1994 to further this mission and now have customers in approximately 190 countries and territories with employees in 56 countries and 66 business offices around the globe. We have achieved this global scale through the valued perspectives of our ethnically diverse and gender diverse workforce. The content below highlights the environmental, social, and governance achievements across our organization and I am proud of the culture we have fostered to deliver:

    1. Products and services that consume very few natural resources, fossil fuels, or environmentally damaging byproducts;
    2. Technologies that enable our customers to bridge financial imbalances across the globe and provide financial inclusion to those who may not otherwise have the opportunity to participate;
    3. and a corporate governance structure that is designed to elevate a workforce capable of delivering these results to customers through industry leading practices.

    In summary, I believe our products and services have a long runway to continue providing positive environmental and social change into the future, protected by our strong corporate governance structure.

    - Michael J. Brown