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Andrew B. Schmitt

Retired President and Chief Executive Officer

Andrew B. Schmitt has served on our board of directors since September 24, 2003. Mr. Schmitt served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Layne Christensen Company from October 1993 until his retirement on January 31, 2012. For approximately two years prior to joining Layne Christensen Company, Mr. Schmitt was a partner in two privately owned hydrostatic pump and motor manufacturing companies and an oil and gas service company. He served as President of the Tri-State Oil Tools Division of Baker Hughes Incorporated from February 1988 to October 1991. Currently, Mr. Schmitt serves on the board of directors of FreightCar America, Inc., where he chairs the compensation committee and is a member of the nominating and corporate governance committee. Mr. Schmitt served as a director of Layne Christensen Company until his retirement in 2012. Mr. Schmitt holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Alabama School of Commerce and Business.

Independent Director